Domain with unique values

Our vines in the heart of Bourgogne

To make a good wine, you need good grapes! This is the philosophy of our vineyard. The quality of our wines is the fruit of a rigorous work from the size of the vines in winter to the harvest of the end of the summer. Sébastien, our head of culture, works with the love of the vine and the respect of its soil.

Our winery ensures to maintain a reduced quantity of production each year in order to improve the quality and maturity of the flavors. We minimize our treatments and work reasonably. Our plots are partly grassed and we cultivate our soils with a concern for constant prophylactic control. This also reduces the risk of disease.

A traditional vineyard

Our vintage is entirely made by hand on our appellations of Beaujolais as well as on the Mercurey and the first crus. The breeding of the Beaujolais is done only by tank and the Mercureys and first cru are raised 1 year in oak barrels.