A winery that has a history …

Spanish origins

To tell the story of the Domaine de Cardon, we need to talk about the family behind its creation. It all began over 900 years ago. Established in Dracy-le-Fort for several generations, the Cardon de Sandrans family originated in the 12th century in Spain under the name of Cardona.

In the 15th century the family participated in the military campaigns of the King of Spain in Italy and Folch Cardona married a descendant of the Strozzi family. Together they gave birth to several sons and two of whom left for France and settled in Lyon. Once in France, Horace and Folch took an active part in defending Lyon against the Reformation. To thank them for their loyalty, King Henry IV granted them the barony of Sandrans in the Ain, a French region.

The family settles in Dracy-le-Fort

It was not until the 19th century that the family moved to their property in Dracy-le-Fort in Burgundy. The first vines were planted and exploited in this area but were completely uprooted in the 20th century when the property was divided.

In 2013, their descendant Frédérique de Cardon de Sandrans decided, with Thierry Bied, to revive the traditions and family values by relaunching a wine business. After the purchase of our winery in Rully in 2015, our estate experienced its first production in 2016. The same year, our Cellar Master Pierre, joined us and makes our wines with passion. Together with our viticultural manager Sébastien, they work the vines with love and respect of our precious Terroir.

Today we produce 11 different wines that we are pleased to have tasted in our winery !

And this is another story…