A winery that has a history …

Telling the story of the Domaine de Cardon is to talk about the vineyard, but above all, to present the family at the origin of its creation, since Domaine de Cardon is a family story.

Spanish origins

The family de Cardon Sandrans finds its origins in the 12th century in Spain under the name Cardona.

Involved in the military campaigns of the Spanish king in Italy during the 15th century, Folch Cardona married a descendant of the Strozzi family in Lucca and had two sons who then left for Lyon in France. King Henry IV attributed Horace and Folch the barony of Sandrans in Ain (Dombes) after they have actively participated in the defense of Lyon against the Reformation.

The family settles near Lyon

With a strong presence in the region of Lyon, the de Cardon de Sandrans family moved from the Castle of Sandrans to the ownership of the Dracy Le Fort in Burgundy in the nineteenth century.

The family planted the first vines that were exploited, though small, until the twentieth century, where the property has been divided and the vines torn.

In 2012, their descendant, Frederique de Cardon de Sandrans, decided to revive the tradition and the values of the Cardon de Sandrans family by restarting a vineyard.

Surrounding itself with passionate friends who share same values, the Domain of the Cardon has seen the sunlight in April, 2013 and its own production in 2015

And this is another story…